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30-second thoughts on playing the violin

Updated: Apr 22

Welcome to My Blog!

These are random thoughts on playing the violin, often jotted down after teaching a student with a particular challenge or hearing an inspiring violinist perform. Let me first acknowledge the myriad of valid and differing approaches to playing violin and making music. Different strokes (bowing pun semi-intended) for different folks, right? So, these

are simply my thoughts - influenced by the teachers I've had, the musicians I have known and the students I have worked with. I find thinking about the way sound on the violin is produced endlessly fascinating. Feel free to use anything that is helpful and ignore anything that isn't. However we do it, may we all keep joy and curiosity in our music-making.

Please take a few minutes and drop in on all the blog titles that strike your fancy. And, If you are an adult of any level or dedicated teen interested in studying violin with me, or interested in a master class or presentation, just drop me an email and I'm happy to have the conversation.

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